TAP 42-60

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539787 bytes. (1977)
TAP No.42 (January-February 1977)

Interview With A Grand Guy, Keyboard Krazies, Stick 'Em Up!
601891 bytes. (1977)
TAP No.43 (March-April 1977)

Report from Merrie Olde England, The Silver Box, etc.
545348 bytes. (1977)
TAP No.44 (May-June 1977)

Tap Rap, Get Down!, Counter Control, etc.
513537 bytes. (1977)
TAP No.45 (July-August 1977)

CB Bull, AT&T Report, Get Down! etc.
666682 bytes. (1977)
TAP No.46 (September-October 1977)

TAP Update, Counter Control, The Voice, Con-Ned Again, etc.
647815 bytes. (1977)
TAP No.47 (November-December 1977)

Beating the Cops On Speeding, etc.
431369 bytes. (1978)
TAP No.48 (January-February 1978)

Review of Poor Man's James Bond, 312A Test Set (a legal Blue Box), etc.
512667 bytes. (1978)
TAP No.49 (March-April 1978)

More Fortress Fun!, The Principles of TWX Phreaking, etc.
1308334 bytes. (1978)
TAP No.50 (May-June 1978)

Pick Your Way to Fame & Fortune, Electronics for the Dope Dealer, The Drop, The Birth Certificate, Tandem Scanning, Getting Hooked on Cable TV, The Drop, The Birth Certificate, 1978 CC Code, etc. Special Double Issue!
378188 bytes. (1978)
TAP No.51 (July 1978)

Milo Fonebill Issue, Auto-Combo Red-Blue Boxes, Computer Phreak-Out, The News Is From The West, And It's Beige!
602305 bytes. (1978)
TAP No.52 (August 1978)

Jim Phelps Issue, Update from England, Ford's Best Idea, Getting Inside NJ PSE&G's Meter Box, etc.
602304 bytes. (1978)
TAP No.53 (Sept-Oct 1978)

What's On Tap?, Computer Phreak-Out, Review of The New Paper Trip, Campus Police Warn Against TAP, Acousting your Coupler, etc.
545063 bytes. (1978)
TAP No.54 (Nov-Dec 1978)

How to find any 800 number in the country without really trying, Review of "Exotic Weapons - An Access Book" by Michael Hoy, Coin Collect and Coin Return, Free DA Information Service, etc.
461975 bytes. (1979)
TAP No.55 (Jan-Feb 1979)

Test Your Stash, Scanning, etc.
428841 bytes. (1979)
TAP No.56 (Mar-April 1979)

Programmable Blue Box, Guard Banding
482583 bytes. (1979)
TAP No.57 (May-June 1979)

Tom Edison Battles Plot!, 1979 Credit Card Code, Screw the IRS, Fly Now - Pay Never, etc.
498154 bytes. (1979)
TAP No.58 (July-Aug 1979)

Free Magazine Subscriptions, Make Your Own Lock Picks, Untappable Phone, etc.
407312 bytes. (1979)
TAP No.59 (Sept-Oct 1979)

Video Visionary, Fake ID Seminar, etc. With issue 59, TAP changes its full name to the "Technological Assistance Program".
482748 bytes. (1979)
TAP No.60 (Nov-Dec 1979)

Lock-Pick Larceny, Tandem Tricks, Autovon Touch Tones

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