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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: cna_55~1.txt

Scan: 800-555-XXXX from 780

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	Canadian Number Assignments 555 skan from 780
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By: The Clone
Date: Thursday September 2, 1999

I was just recently reading through a file on Hack Canada's 
web-site titled 'Canadian Numbering Assignments' which was 
written in April of 1996. 

This file contained extremely useful information;
'SAC 500 ASSIGNMENTS', 'SAC 900 ASSIGNMENTS', 'Carrier Identification
Code (CIC) Assignments', '555 number assignments in Canada', and
'Canadian Numbering Administrator'. Each topic was organized into separate 
sections and had links to each section which I found appealing.

Now this file is an updated skan of the '555 number assignments in Canada'.
Some of the following numbers may still work in the Ontario Region I'm
assuming they were skanned from. But obviously I'm not from the Ontario
Region. I'm from the Alberta Region. Different province, different area
code, different INWATS exchange skan outcome.

[skanned from NPA 780]

1-800-555-1000 - Invalid Blocked from Area Code
1-800-555-1010 - Not In Service
1-800-555-1198 - Unipeg
1-800-555-1234 - NOS [Network Operator Services]
1-800-555-1313 - Skytel Voice Mail System
1-800-555-1867 - Not In Service
1-800-555-1967 - "There is not a greeting recorded for 
                  this call processing mailbox"
1-800-555-1995 - Not In Service
1-800-555-2633 - Calling Area
1-800-555-2653 - Coca-Cola Calling Card
1-800-555-2685 - Calling Area
1-800-555-2828 - Not In Service
1-800-555-3733 - Not In Service
1-800-555-4427 - Not In Service
1-800-555-4646 - "The number for the talk line is 1-473-473-7373"
1-800-555-4676 - Not In Service
1-800-555-4786 - Not In Service
1-800-555-6294 - Calling Area
1-800-555-6327 - Skytel Voice Mail System
1-800-555-6664 - Calling Area
1-800-555-6677 - Not In Service
1-800-555-6999 - Not In Service
1-800-555-7275 - Not In Service
1-800-555-7575 - Not In Service
1-800-555-7788 - Not In Service
1-800-555-8433 - No Answer
1-800-555-9466 - No Answer 
1-800-555-9898 - Tin Kim Company Shareholder Services

If you wish, compare my skan to the original skan by visiting 
the following URL:

Or, if you want to take a look at the other files I pointed out earlier
on this file, please go to this URL:



This file was simply made for an update on an 
outdated CNA 555 exchange skan, as well for all the 
phreakers out in (780) land.

Contact Info;

voice mail: 1-800-909-6042


- All the crew in Hack Canada []
- everyone on #2600ca in 

                        N E T T W E R K E D
                           P R O D U C T

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