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TUCoPS :: Phreaking Numbers :: 9x_tf468.txt

TollPhree scan of (8oo)468 by TMM/Substance

STATION ID - 7091/6.411

9x Datakit Network

This is a 9x system, restricted to authorized persons and for
official 9x business only. Anyone using this system, network or data
is subject to being monitored at any time for system administration and
for identifying unauthorized users or system misuse. Anyone using this
system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that any
evidence of criminal activity revealed through such monitoring may be
provided to law enforcement for prosecution.
Scanned by TMM
All systems verd by Substance

D = Different Terminal Emulation
NC = No connect

15-Jul-96 o4:29:3o 1-8oo-468-3638 C: NC
14-Jul-96 23:29:o3 1-8oo-468-2377 C: NC
o4-Jul-96 o8:53:oo 1-8oo-468-6798 C: NC
13-Jul-96 o8:46:34 1-8oo-468-4281 C: CC - INFOPATH PACKET SWITCHING NETWORK

15-Jul-96 oo:o2:32 1-8oo-468-3753 C: 12oo
15-Jul-96 o5:48:41 1-8oo-468-9977 C: 12oo Trying 2o4.152.64.1o... UNIX(r)

o4-Jul-96 1o:52:3o 1-8oo-468-2622 C: 24oo
o4-Jul-96 11:15:24 1-8oo-468-oo83 C: 24oo D
o4-Jul-96 17:38:29 1-8oo-468-5924 C: 24oo D
o4-Jul-96 19:27:53 1-8oo-468-o771 C: 24oo 
14-Jul-96 13:13:19 1-8oo-468-6687 C: 24oo D - GO-
14-Jul-96 17:46:38 1-8oo-468-1825 C: 24oo [4o]  NUCNIU > Enter Password:
14-Jul-96 18:5o:14 1-8oo-468-3277 C: 24oo
14-Jul-96 19:o5:55 1-8oo-468-3157 C: 24oo
14-Jul-96 21:56:1o 1-8oo-468-9686 C: 24oo Hello there! ics login:
15-Jul-96 o8:25:o7 1-8oo-468-6514 C: 24oo
15-Jul-96 19:35:21 1-8oo-468-1865 C: 24oo General Automation system
    (*OS = Pick*) login: SYSTEM
15-Jul-96 2o:58:53 1-8oo-468-1156 C: 24oo AIX Version 3
15-Jul-96 18:o9:o1 1-8oo-468-82oo C: 24oo
15-Jul-96 14:28:14 1-8oo-468-1188 C: 24oo GANDALF OS

o4-Jul-96 17:o4:4o 1-8oo-468-764o C: 96oo D
13-Jul-96 o9:o1:45 1-8oo-468-o371 C: 96oo IBM AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6ooo
1o-Jul-96 o2:o1:22 1-8oo-468-o33o C: 96oo IBM AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6ooo
14-Jul-96 16:33:23 1-8oo-468-3897 C: 96oo Immediate Disconnect
14-Jul-96 16:55:23 1-8oo-468-7344 C: 96oo
14-Jul-96 22:42:11 1-8oo-468-1738 C: 96oo D
14-Jul-96 23:o9:54 1-8oo-468-2o66 C: 96oo Advanced Pick v6.1
15-Jul-96 o4:11:1o 1-8oo-468-9438 C: 96oo PASSWORD>
15-Jul-96 o7:24:oo 1-8oo-468-174o C: 96oo
15-Jul-96 14:o9:52 1-8oo-468-8528 C: 96oo VAX
15-Jul-96 22:o3:38 1-8oo-468-5447 C: 96oo
15-Jul-96 14:37:33 1-8oo-468-5494 C: 96oo Brand new RBBS / your FIRST name?

o4-Jul-96 o4:37:44 1-8oo-468-39o2 C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 o6:o7:12 1-8oo-468-1924 C: 144o HP3000 / MPE XL:
o4-Jul-96 o9:26:o3 1-8oo-468-39o3 C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 o9:37:25 1-8oo-468-o338 C: 144o AIX /RISC System/6ooo
o4-Jul-96 o9:56:31 1-8oo-468-8875 C: 144o #
o4-Jul-96 12:29:42 1-8oo-468-391o C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 16:42:58 1-8oo-468-3869 C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 17:18:51 1-8oo-468-o687 C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 18:34:o8 1-8oo-468-4385 C: 144o NetWare CONNECT 1.o.34 Service Select
o4-Jul-96 18:38:44 1-8oo-468-39o4 C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 18:55:39 1-8oo-468-1562 C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 2o:23:o1 1-8oo-468-3898 C: 144o
o4-Jul-96 2o:26:o3 1-8oo-468-3359 C: 144o (e,7,1) login:
13-Jul-96 o3:56:43 1-8oo-468-8274 C: 144o Shiva Lanrover (root n/p)
    Says dialout and all ports but they are all busy :<
13-Jul-96 o4:25:1o 1-8oo-468-4539 C: 144o
13-Jul-96 o4:27:o9 1-8oo-468-82o3 C: 144o Password:
13-Jul-96 o4:3o:27 1-8oo-468-3913 C: 144o
13-Jul-96 o5:4o:31 1-8oo-468-3886 C: 144o
13-Jul-96 o6:28:51 1-8oo-468-3857 C: 144o
13-Jul-96 o6:46:54 1-8oo-468-6o44 C: 144o D
14-Jul-96 o8:o4:43 1-8oo-468-3891 C: 144o
14-Jul-96 17:57:47 1-8oo-468-4531 C: 144o
14-Jul-96 22:47:11 1-8oo-468-3924 C: 144o
14-Jul-96 23:27:56 1-8oo-468-7358 C: 144o Wildcat BBS (lame)_What is your first name
15-Jul-96 o4:o7:25 1-8oo-468-3458 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 o4:36:29 1-8oo-468-6229 C: 144o (e,7,1) ENTER YOUR PASSWORD =======>
15-Jul-96 o4:48:56 1-8oo-468-3912 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 o4:58:43 1-8oo-468-369o C: 144o AOS/VS  INTERAGENCY FIRE  CENTER
15-Jul-96 o5:55:43 1-8oo-468-9417 C: 144o login tasa1:
15-Jul-96 o8:58:52 1-8oo-468-4593 C: 144o D
15-Jul-96 o9:o2:42 1-8oo-468-3859 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 o9:o4:57 1-8oo-468-3883 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 11:o3:24 1-8oo-468-9448 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 12:33:11 1-8oo-468-736o C: 144o (e,7,1) C1:  Type port password
15-Jul-96 14:14:12 1-8oo-468-4532 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 17:1o:31 1-8oo-468-9264 C: 144o Wang OEM Line
15-Jul-96 18:2o:56 1-8oo-468-3997 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 18:45:48 1-8oo-468-484o C: 144o
15-Jul-96 2o:33:o3 1-8oo-468-8472 C: 144o
15-Jul-96 21:22:43 1-8oo-468-3914 C: 144o

o4-Jul-96 o7:17:27 1-8oo-468-7681 C: 144+
o4-Jul-96 o8:o3:27 1-8oo-468-2542 C: 144+ Enter password:
15-Jul-96 o4:47:54 1-8oo-468-4o18 C: 144+ D
o4-Jul-96 17:21:13 1-8oo-468-7956 C: 144+ WLN Internet Services

      WLN                              Voice:  36o-923-4o17
      P.O. Box 3888                            1-8oo-NETW-WLN
      Lacey, WA  985o9-3888              FAX:  36o-923-4oo9

      E-Mail:       (for general WLN information)
         (for Internet info and support)
13-Jul-96 o3:31:53 1-8oo-468-8476 C: 144+
13-Jul-96 o3:37:31 1-8oo-468-5253 C: 144o Interlake Corp BBS
13-Jul-96 o3:52:54 1-8oo-468-8691 C: 144+ Enter your terminal number:
14-Jul-96 o8:16:58 1-8oo-468-2386 C: 144+ D
14-Jul-96 o8:2o:16 1-8oo-468-o697 C: 144+
14-Jul-96 o8:47:21 1-8oo-468-3879 C: 144o
14-Jul-96 11:oo:32 1-8oo-468-3895 C: 144o
14-Jul-96 13:33:54 1-8oo-468-3872 C: 144o
14-Jul-96 14:oo:35 1-8oo-468-385o C: 144+
14-Jul-96 14:o1:36 1-8oo-468-5376 C: 144o INTERTEC PUBLISHING BBS
14-Jul-96 14:o2:18 1-8oo-468-2236 C: 144+
14-Jul-96 14:o9:o9 1-8oo-468-1oo5 C: 144+ Immediate Disconnect
14-Jul-96 15:41:o5 1-8oo-468-o279 C: 144+ User Access Verification
14-Jul-96 17:o2:16 1-8oo-468-3862 C: 144+ D
14-Jul-96 17:14:o3 1-8oo-468-35o8 C: 144+ IT TAC system
14-Jul-96 17:56:41 1-8oo-468-3225 C: 144+ Shiva Lanrover / @ Userid:
14-Jul-96 2o:27:15 1-8oo-468-1834 C: 144+ @ Userid:
15-Jul-96 o8:o4:o4 1-8oo-468-8434 C: 144+ Please press [Enter]...
15-Jul-96 2o:15:23 1-8oo-468-3526 C: 144+ USE OF THIS SYSTEM BY UNAUTHORIZED

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