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TUCoPS :: Linux :: General :: bt-30111.htm

ntp ntp-utils
rPSA-2010-0034-1 ntp ntp-utils
rPSA-2010-0034-1 ntp ntp-utils

rPath Security Advisory: 2010-0034-1
Published: 2010-05-07
    rPath Appliance Platform Linux Service 1
    rPath Appliance Platform Linux Service 2
    rPath Linux 1
    rPath Linux 2

Rating: Major
Exposure Level Classification:
    Remote User Deterministic Denial of Service
Updated Versions: 

rPath Issue Tracking System:


    In previous versions of NTP, it is possible for remote attackers to
    cause a denial of service (CPU and bandwidth consumption) by using
    MODE_PRIVATE to send a spoofed request or response packet that
    triggers a continuous exchange of MODE_PRIVATE error responses 
    between two NTP daemons.  This has been fixed. 

Copyright 2010 rPath, Inc.
This file is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.
A copy is available at 

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