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Information Overload for Newbies

From Sun Aug 18 04:01:17 2002
From: Harlequin <>
Newsgroups: alt.2600,alt.2600.hackerz,alt.hacker,alt.hacking
Subject: Newbies: Information Overload [Links, links & more links] ..
Organization: Harlequin's Consultancy
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[Note: I just post this stuff. I didn't write it. Please DO NOT reply to
this post quoting its entirety! Downloading costs many people real money. H.]
[Further note: Due to complaints, this text is currently only being
posted once per week. H.]

Title $>
        Newbies: Information Overload [Links, links and more links] ..

Release Version $>

Compiled by $>

Permissions $>
        This file can be (re)distributed by whoever feels the need
        and to whoever wants it. Just make sure that it is in tact
        and not altered (aside from any links you want to add
        in any form.

Updates $>
        12.30.98 - This post as well as my other post entitled 'HowTo:
        Makeshift Linux Network @ Home ..' is being turned over to
        Quinny for an indefinite period of time [read: Until I decide
        to take over again or he decides to hand it over to someone
        else]. If you have any questions or comments regarding this
        post, please contact Quinny via the group[s]. If you need to
        contact me personally, my e-mail address is located at the
        end if this file.


Why (Long):

The primary purpose of this list is to help the 'newbies' find the
information that they desire. Whether it be in regard to hacking,
phreaking, cracks and wares, mailing lists or to find an address from a
telephone number. But, as you may have guessed, there is an ulterior
motive to this list as well. Yes, i hate to say it but there is. What is
this 'ulterior motive' you ask?? Well, that can be best explained with
an example of what we see here everyday:

"The regulars are sitting in this group, as they do virtually everyday,
doing many things. Answering questions to the best of their abilities.
Taking tortuous threads and forming them to be the slinky in a garbage
disposal threads that you see before you. Posting primers and old text
files for the masses. Correcting these primers and text files for
accuracy. Some don't say much of anything and just hide out in the
rafters and lurk. And of course some are involved in soap opera like
discussions, which could sometimes boggle even the sharpest mind.

But, amidst these everyday activities that most people are consumed in,
they are temporarily distracted by a 'newbie' or a 'llama' redundantly
asking for the most simplest things of which could be found with the use
of a search engine or by reading the posts regularly. Oh, here comes
'ZeRo Co0l LlAmA' now.

"Hey d00dz! I saw a post with a sh!t load of linkZ, but i am 2 laZy 2
click on the UrLz. GiMM3 WAREZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!"

Now, unfortunately my posting will not help this poor, lost soul. I
don't think there is much of anything that could help this person except
maybe for a swift slap across the back of the head and a bottle of
Prozac. Ah, but here comes 'Genuine Newbie' now.

"Greetings everyone. I am new at hacking and i would really like to gain
all the information that i possibly can regarding the subject at hand.
I've already used a search engine to find a lot of links, but my thirst
for knowledge has not yet been quenched. Could you guys give me a hand
by throwing some more links my way?? Thank you."

Of course, if this person had read the group for awhile he/she could
have found numerous links to quench that thirst. /But/ - he/she was
polite enough to post a good, solid request.

Which is where the ulterior motive comes in. (Yes, FINALLY!) No one in
the group wants people like 'ZeRo Co0l LlAmA' or 'Genuine Newbie' asking
these types of questions. So, this list is my effort to try to quell the
influx of those posts. If this doesn't get you going in the right
direction, than nothing will. Except maybe for a psychologist and a new
hobby that has absolutely nothing to do with computers.

%%%% %%%%

When and What Else:

This will be posted as Quinny sees fit. I am assuming at least twice a
week to the normal groups. It can also be found at DejaNews if you do a
search on my name or Quinny's name. This post is also HTMLized on my
site in the 'TB2600' section.

I also recommend that you read Harlequin's 'Newbie' posts: "How to Hack
- Info for Newbies", the alt.2600 FAQ, the alt.2600 survival guide and
his cracks and wares list of links.

Now, enough of my dulling discourse and onto the links.


/*Shell Accounts/*
/*Mailing Lists/*
/*Proxy Servers/*
/*Operating System Specifics/*
/*Programming Related/*
/*On-Line Reading Materials/*
/*Search Engines/*
[C] /*Cracks, Wares and Serial Numbers/*
/*Finding People on the 'Net/*
/*Phreaking Related/*


/*Hacking Related/*


/*Shell accounts/*

[From The ževenth žign:
Should be added the list of links. It is a good system and they could
use contributions to aide you in your quest to become a Unix Guru!
I have used the help and can tell you having never used unix solaris 4.5
those folks where helpful. H.]


/*Mailing lists/* (Subscribe to the NTSecurity list w/the
on-line sign up page)

Alert - Send an e-mail to with the following in
the body of the message: Subscribe alert

BugTraq - Send an e-mail to LISTERV@NETSPACE.ORG with the following in
the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE BUGTRAQ

Cert - Send an e-mail to with the
following in the subject line: SUBSCRIBE <your e-mail address here>

FreeBSD Hackers Digest - Send an e-mail to Majordomo@FreeBSD.ORG with
the following in the body of the message: subscribe

Happy Hacker Digest - Send an e-mail message to
with the following in the body of the message: subscribe hh

Linux Security - Send an e-mail message to with the following in the subject of
the message: subscribe

Linux Admin - Send an e-mail message to with
the following in the body of the message: subscribe linux-admin <your
e-mail address here>

NTBugTraq - Send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.NTBUGTRAQ.COM
with the following in the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE NTBUGTRAQ

NT FAQ - Send an e-mail message to with the following
in the body of the message: subscribe nt-faq <your e-mail address here>

Windows95 - Send an e-mail message to
with the following in the body of the message: SUB WIN95-L

Windows98 - Send an e-mail message to
with the following in the body of the message: SUB WIN98-L

Visual Basic - Send an e-mail message to
VISBAS-L-request@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM with the following in the body of
the message: SUB VISBAS-L firstname lastname


/*Proxy Servers/* (or 8085, 8086, 8088)


/*Operating System Specifics/*

Linux/UNIX related sites:
[From Juergen Dollinger: (Most popular german Linux distribution) (dto) H.]

        Linux Vendors
} (systems with Linux pre-installed)

WindowsNT related sites:

Windows95 related sites:
[Note from ~The ževenth žign~: It was bought by Cnet and is Now. It is now both Windows 95, Windows NT, and
(Bwahahahaha!) Windows CE related thanks!! H.]


/*Programming related/*



Visual Basic:



/*On-Line Reading Materials/*


/*Search Engines/*


/*Cracks, Wares and Serial Numbers/*

[VGI Note: I am fully aware that this section has absolutely nothing to
do with hacking or phreaking, but I am getting sick and tired of people
requesting this crap so hopefully if they are directed towards this
list, they will eventually cease and desist (or at least slow down to an

If the links above do not offer what you are looking for, then here is a
list of the appropriate news groups that cracks, wares, and serial
number requests should be made in (In other words, not here!):



/*Finding People on the 'Net/*


/*Phreaking Related/*
[Note from !!Sabu!!: After RBCP took down his discussion board at I set up my own message board modeled after the one
rbcp had.  It ain't great but it's better than no message board.
It's at: If that link goes dead the backup is: - Enjoy. H.]


I hope that this posting has been of some value to you and has not
proved to be a complete waste of time on my part.

E-mail: visigoth[at]

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