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eTicket version 1.5.5 XSS Attack Vulnerability

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eTicket version 1.5.5 XSS Attack Vulnerability
eTicket version 1.5.5 XSS Attack Vulnerability

	netVigilance Security Advisory #31

eTicket version 1.5.5 XSS Attack Vulnerability 
eTicket is an electronic (open source) support ticket system based on osTicket, that can receive tickets via email (pop3 or pipe) and a web-based form, as well as manage them using a web interface.

Successful exploitation requires PHP register_globals set to On.
External References: 
Mitre CVE:  CVE-2007-2801
NVD NIST: CVE-2007-2801
OSVDB: 34786

eTicket is an electronic (open source) support ticket system based on osTicket.
Security problem in the product allows attackers to conduct XSS attacks.

Advisory URL: 
Release Date:
Risk: Medium
CVSS Metrics:
Access Vector: Remote
Access Complexity: High
Authentication: Not-required
Confidentiality Impact: Partial
Integrity Impact: Partial
Availability Impact: Partial 
Impact Bias: Normal
CVSS Base Score: 5.6
Target Distribution on Internet: Low
Exploitability: Functional Exploit
Remediation Level: Workaround
Report Confidence: Confirmed
Vulnerability Impact: Attack
Host Impact: XSS Attack

SecureScout Testcase ID:
TC 17961
Vulnerable Systems:
eTicket version 1.5.5 (new version is also vulnerable)
Vulnerability Type:
XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) to force a web-site to display malicious contents to the target, by sending a specially crafted request to the web-site. The vulnerable web-site is not the target of attack but is used as a tool for the hacker in the attack of the victim.


Vendor Status: 
HM 2K from eTicket got the Draft advisory on 21 May 2007 and got extensive support in how to fix the security problems on 23 May 2007 and 28 May 2007.
In HM 2K's own words HM 2K "lost interest" and HM 2K "seriously found it too difficult to orchestrate what you [netVigilance] were asking from me [HM 2K], so I just did what I thought was best.". netVigilance's tests show that version is also vulnerable. There currently is no official fix for this advisory.

In the php.ini file set register_globals = Off. 
http://[TARGET]/[PRODUCT FOLDER]/open.php?err= 
http://[TARGET]/[PRODUCT FOLDER]/open.php?warn= 
Will execute 

Jesper Jurcenoks
Co-founder netVigilance, Inc 

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